Legno&Edilizia: a satisfying end for the 11thinternational biennial at Veronafiere

Legno&Edilizia: a satisfying end for the 11thinternational biennial at Veronafiere

21,000 visitors in the heart of Bioedilizia in Legno&Edilizia and EcoHouse.

Successfully closed at the Fiera di Verona Legno&Edilizia, the 11thedition of the international exhibition about the use of wood in buildings. There were 21,000 visitors during the four days of the biennial which this year saw a slight increase thanks to the simultaneous presence of the first edition of EcoHouse, an exhibition of materials and technologies for sustainability and energy saving in buildings.
“We have satisfied with the interest shown by the public consisting largely of professional operators – comments Ado Rebuli, president of the company Piemmeti, Veronafiere subsidiary and event organizer – Interest also found by exhibitors who have had significant business contacts. EcoHouse proved to be a great match to the consolidated international event, to the point that we intend to continue in this direction making it a permanent event for the biennale.”
Legno&Edilizia has been certifying for years the Verona office as the ideal center to bring together such an innovative sector as Bio-building, present in the Lombardy triangle, Trentino Alto Adige and Veneto with 53% of the Italian production units (21% in Lombardy, 17% in Trentino Alto Adige and 15% in Veneto) on which 70% of the sector’s national turnover depends (46% for Trentino, 15% for Lombardy and 9% for Veneto).
On the 25,000 square meters if two pavilions, the 180 exhibiting companies of Legno&Edilizia have brought the latest technologies in woodworking machinery and systems, prefabricated houses, roofs, walls, floors, precious woods, sawmills, design studies, materials and accessories, which were joined by the proposals of companies operating in the field of energy sustainability, home automation and renewable energy.
Due to the high quality and innovative contents of the event, Legno&Edilizia has counted on the patronage of organizations such as ENEA, Kyoto Club, FREE Coordination, AIEL, Legambiente, FIRE, Assocosma, Anfus, Italia Solare, present together with universities, companies, professionals and specialized magazines, also in over 60 conferences, seminars and technical meetings that have characterized the conference book of the four exhibition days. In addition to deepening the issues of the sector, visitors have had the opportunity to obtain free advice, to attend practical demonstrations of industrial robots and students – carpenters of the first Italian School of woodworking in Tione (TN). In the space of La fattoria del legno a teaching farm in Vicenza has brought children closer to the world of wood and anticipated the birth of the Vaia Museum in a hut that will be built in Caltrano at the end of February with the trunks torn down by the 29thOctober 2018. Legambiente intervened with its traveling exhibition of 33 different innovative material for environmentally sustainable, natural or recycled buildings.

Wood and energy efficient buildings: the construction trade of the future

Wood and energy efficient buildings represent the construction trade of the future

Legno&Edilizia: at VeronaFiere February 7 – 10, 2019

Despite the difficulties that have hit the construction sector in the last decade, there is no suffering in the building trade using wood. It is not a passing fad, but a healthy, economic and ecological answer to living.

The 11th edition of Legno&Edilizia, the International Exhibition on the use of wood in construction, scheduled from 7 to 10 February 2019 at the Verona Exhibition Center, proves it. The exhibition has always drawn the attention of professional operators and of the public to the latest news on the use of wood in construction. One edition after the other, it has highlighted the technical characteristics and durability of wood, the economic convenience and above all its sustainability and safety.

Building 4.0

The architect Franco Laner, of the IUAV University of Venice, is one of the leading experts in the use of wood in construction, and collaborates with Legno&Edilizia since its first edition. “The key expression “building 4.0″ underlines how information technology and robotics are radically changing the production scenarios, the market, the design and the construction methods in the wood construction sector” says Laner. “The increasingly frequent use of numerically controlled work environments is foreshadowing strong transformations of the wood supply chain: project, construction site, construction and architectural outcomes. In the field of planning and execution of building with wood, phase 4.0 is introducing a new mentality and new objectives, which cannot be disregarded. Delaying or postpone in this context is not an option.” concludes Laner.

An unknown interconnection demand in the building project

“The exhibitors of Legno&Edilizia are the main manufacturers of machines for numerical control of woodworking elements. Italy has always been at the forefront in this sector. Leading companies, such as CM Macchine, Essetre, Hundegger, SCM Group, Sarmax are stakeholders of the Italian market – explains Raul Barbieri, director of Piemmeti Spa, organizer of the event. “This highlights the relevance of this event in reading the new scenarios for the entire wood supply chain. The shift of paradigm illustrated by Professor Laner stimulates an unknown interconnection demand in the building project. The constructive tradition as a whole will inevitably have to evolve.”

Professional updating, seminars and round tables

“The product presentation (essences, load-bearing structures, carpentry, machines and tools, worked and semi-finished wood, prefabricated wooden houses, security systems, design and software studies, wooden walls, panels and sawmill machinery) will be closely connected to the conferences and training days” – adds Ado Rebuli, President of Piemmeti. “The last edition attracted more than 1,300 conference participants. Seminars and round tables discussed new areas of research and development, as well as professional updating. New scenarios will be proposed and the many sector leaders and stakeholders of our country will be introduced”.

A not to be missed business opportunity

Legno&Edilizia will get insiders and end users to know the great opportunities offered by wood, giving traditional builders the chance to convert to wood as an interesting business opportunity.

20,500 people at Legno&Edilizia (+15%) – Previews and news from the construction world

The curtain comes down in Verona

20,500 people at Legno&Edilizia (+15%)

Previews and news from the construction world

The 10th Legno&Edilizia international exhibition on the use of wood in building came to a close today. Between 9 and 12 February it attracted 20,500 visitors to Verona Exhibition Centre, which marked an increase of 15% on the previous event in 2015. In total, more than 2,400 people took part in the 5 conventions, 26 seminars, 6 workshops and 3 meetings with designers organized in conjunction with the event’s technical partner ARCA of Trento and Prof. Franco Laner of IUAV University in Venice, who is one of Italy’s leading wooden construction experts. The sessions provided an opportunity to compare the experiences of prominent figures from the teaching world such as Felice Ragazzo (adjunct professor of Industrial Design at Sapienza University in Rome) and Enzo Siviero (rector of eCampus online university).

“The display of products by 153 companies from 13 different countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Romania, Russia and Switzerland) spanned 25,000 m. and enabled members of the trade and the general public to take a close look at the most interesting developments in the global market. The top names in the industry were among the exhibitors. They were divided into the broad areas “Doors and Windows”, “Roofing and Coverings” and “Flooring” and there was also a special Wood and pellet heating initiative,” stated Raul Barbieri, the CEO of Piemmeti SpA.

“The companies present expressed their satisfaction with the contacts that they made at this edition. It offered proof of the vitality of the wooden construction industry, which is growing and saw more than 3,000 new buildings being completed in 2014,” noted Ado Rebuli, the President of Piemmeti SpA. “That makes Italy the fourth biggest producer of prefabricated wooden homes in Europe (behind Germany, Great Britain and Sweden, with an 8.4% share of the market). The residential market alone is worth €658 million. Figures such as these underline the fact that wood is proving more and more popular with Italians, who appreciate the health, comfort, safety and sustainability that it offers.”

“The large number of designers and members of the public that flocked to the exhibition – including from central and southern regions of Italy – made things look very promising for business in the coming months,” said Matteo Mores, the ARCA manager.

Among the exhibitors was the Italian structural woodwork school from the Enaip vocational college in Tione, near Trento. Its students gave practical demonstrations and officially presented a Prototype living unit for emergencies. Meanwhile, the group of experts that formed Gruppo Qualità Legno in November presented their Manifesto, and Potito Pedone (the technical director of Woodsystem International srl in Moncalieri, near Turin) revealed his innovative P-Lam connection system for wooden walls.

The tenth edition of the event also provided an opportunity to commend the exhibitors that have been present right from the start: Adveco from Brescia, Binderholz from Austria, Dietrich’s and Hans Hundegger from Germany, the Lazzeri Zennari Institute from Vicenza and Il Legno magazine.


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Maria Giovanna Benacchio

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Legno&Edilizia 2017 – “Wood and pellet heating” – special initiative

Legno&Edilizia – 10° edition – 9-12 February 2017

Verona Exhibition Centre


“Wood and pellet heating” – special initiative

to introduce the wooden construction world to the benefits offered by biomass-fuelled heating systems in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  

“Wood is a great choice”: in terms of health, comfort, safety and aesthetic appeal – including when it comes to heating!


Drawing on its experience with Progetto Fuoco and Italia Legno Energia, Piemmeti SpA (the organizer of Legno&Edilizia) has decided to put together packages for this new initiative that include:

  • a 12 sqm o 20 sqm fitted and furnished stand in the “Wood and pellet heating” are 
  • the opportunity to meet 20.000 visitors (fig. from 2015 edition)
  • the opportunity to encounter the figures from the world of design and architecture who have formed the core of Legno&Edilizia’s professional visitors throughout its ten editions
  • the chance to meet installers, companies, staff from the technical department of potential clients and technical manager from Public Administration, who will also be in attendance. Amministrazione.
  • the opportunity to make a presentation or a speech in the meeting area during the event
  • target promotion for the “Wood and pellet heating” project at the event and on its web and social media channels, with initiatives to attract and inform visitors.

The cost of taking part in the initiative is

  •  1.500€ (12 mq, 4×3) -fitted and furnishing stand
  •  1.900€ (20mq, 5×4) – fitted and furnishing stand


Interested exhibitors can call or email

Dr. Matteo Farsura (049-2700636)


Click here for download application form



Wood is a great choice. LEGNO&EDILIZIA launches its message

“Wood is a great choice”: in terms of price, health, comfort, safety and aesthetic appeal.

This is the slogan for the 10th international “Legno&Edilizia” show, which will take place at Verona Exhibition Centre from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 February 2017.

There is a new format for this edition, which has been expanded to include all areas of construction in which wood can offer sound, successful solutions: structures, roofing and coverings, flooring, doors and windows.

Verona will become the Italian hub for wooden construction.

Ado Rebuli is the President of Piemmeti SpA, which organizes the biennial exhibition. He said that the newly overhauled event will serve as a nerve centre that brings together companies, carpenters, engineers, architects and professional firms.

“Legno&Edilizia” is thus consolidating its status as the only trade fair in Italy that specializes in the use of wood in construction.

It has always been an outstanding event, as underlined by the 72% approval rating among exhibitors and total of 20,000 visitors at the last edition. Other new features for 2017 will include a greater focus on operators from outside Italy. Delegations have been invited from Eastern Europe and emerging countries.

The range of content on display has been increased and there will be a selection of practical demonstrations and workshops, as well as a broader array of conventions.

The technical partner of the event will be ARCA, an offshoot of the Independent Province of Trento that is behind the number one certification system for buildings with wooden frameworks.

Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017. 1. CONSTRUCTIONS

Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017.

All of the possible uses of wood in construction will be showcased in a new exhibition format divided into four areas: WOODEN CONSTRUCTION, ROOFING AND COVERINGS, FLOORING, AND DOORS AND WINDOWS.


Wooden construction in its most specific and defining sense will remain the distinguishing field at Legno&Edilizia. The spotlight will be on the leading producers of structures and materials for wooden homes and manufacturers of wood processing machinery, as well as all of the other players involved in designing and building environmentally friendly constructions.

As usual, Legno&Edilizia will offer a comprehensive overview of the entire wooden construction industry, from initial handling of timber (trading, imports, distribution and sawmills) to processing machinery and accessories for optimizing individual components.


Timber: imports, distribution and trading

Wooden frameworks for civil uses and public systems

Wood carpentry: beams and panels

Machines and tools for the use of wood in construction

Wood for working, semi-finished goods, formwork and frames

Prefabricated wooden homes and external structures

Safety systems

Software, certification and design firms

Fastening systems

Wooden walls


Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017. 2. FLOORING

Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017.

All of the possible uses of wood in construction will be showcased in a new exhibition format divided into four areas: WOODEN CONSTRUCTION, ROOFING AND COVERINGS, FLOORING, AND DOORS AND WINDOWS.


The first new addition at Legno&Edilizia 2017 will be a whole area especially for wooden flooring. The aim is to present a comprehensive, exhaustive range for architects, construction firms and private individuals. Interior design schemes will help to bring out the best of flooring featuring all kinds of forms, woods and finishes, including solid wood, laminated wood and panelling.


The goal behind the area is to raise awareness of the products and their performance and characteristics, as well as the best way to fit them, using the best fastening methods and products for the foundations and the environment. A key contribution to the topic will unquestionably be played by outdoor flooring.


Technical and industrial flooring

Ceilings, staircases and wooden panelling

Door and window frames

Production machines

Treatment machines

Environmentally friendly stains, varnishes, fillers and glues

Parquet flooring

Insulation materials

Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017. 4. DOORS AND WINDOWS

Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017.

All of the possible uses of wood in construction will be showcased in a new exhibition format divided into four areas: WOODEN CONSTRUCTION, ROOFING AND COVERINGS, FLOORING, AND DOORS AND WINDOWS.

An essential new addition at Legno&Edilizia 2017 will be a specific focus on the world of doors and windows. Doors, windows, frames, production machinery and installation accessories play a crucial role in the design and construction of buildings in both structural and aesthetic terms. By raising the profile of this field, Legno&Edilizia 2017 aims to boost the visibility not only of wooden constructions but also of all the wooden components that are used in traditional masonry buildings.


Wooden doors

Wooden windows

Components and accessories

Wooden and wooden/aluminium doors and windows


Coverings for doors and windows

Dormer windows and skylights

Frames for pocket doors

18,000 people attended Legno&Edilizia at Verona exhibition centre

A total of 18,000 people visited the 9thLegno&Edilizia, which ended today. The international exhibition on the use of wood in public and private buildings took place in Verona exhibition centre from 19 to 22 February. It spanned 11,000 m² and featured product innovations by 150 companies from 11 different countries, encompassing the entire range of goods and services in the wooden construction industry.

“It is a growing sector, despite the slump that has afflicted the building trade for years,” explained Ado Rebuli, the president of Piemmeti SpA, which has organized the biennial show ever since the first event in 2001. “This is demonstrated by the forecast that the volume of the new residential market accounted for by wooden constructions will increase from 6% in 2010 to 15% this year”.

Raul Barbieri, the CEO of Piemmeti SpA, was delighted with the positive feedback from the exhibitors and underlined that “the huge popularity of the exhibition among the public reveals the interest in the material, which offers outstanding performance in terms of energy savings, health and comfort in the home, environmental friendliness and protection from earthquakes and fires.”

Alongside the show, there were four days of conventions, workshops and seminars that were attended by both consumers and professionals from the field. They were jointly organized with Piemmeti’s technical partner ARCA – Casalegno Srl – Trentino Sviluppo. A number of bodies and associations took part in the event, including:the PEFC Italia Association, Centro Consorzi, CNR-Ivalsa (the National Research Council of Italy’s Trees and Timber Institute), the Italian Green Building Council, Holzforschung Austria,the ENAIP Structural Woodwork and Construction School from Tione,the Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Department from theUniversity of TrentoVeneto Agricoltura, Confartigianato Vicenza, ARCA – Trentino Sviluppo SpA,the Progetto Legno Veneto Association,the Abicert certification organization, theTrentino Stone and Porphyry District,Habitech Technological District in Trentino,the Lazzari Zenari Institute and the Sedico Wood School.

There were numerous refresher sessions, including the first national Public and Private Wooden Building convention, which had 430 registered participants.

A large area was set aside for 30 exhibitors from the province of Trento and Progetto Legno Veneto.

Another prominent part of the line-up was the exhibition and prize ceremony for the Tree House competition. First place went to a design by Marco Ciccone,an architecture student from Treviso. The second prize was awarded to Domenico Maiello from Trieste, who studies at the Politecnico di Milano, while in joint third place were architects Cosimo Paolini and Andrea Cocchini from Empoli (near Florence) and students Francesco Baldo from Villa Lagarina (near Trento) and Stefano Brunelli and Marco Tomelleri from Verona.

Elsewhere, there was a course on How to build a house with logs by the Lazzari Zenari Wood Institute and there were practical skills on display from the Sedico Wood School.

There were large numbers of foreign visitors at the international event, including trade delegations from Greece and Croatia.

Many foreign visitors of the international show coming from Grece, Croazia, Slovenia thanks to the international meeting “Thinkwood” organized by our Technical Partner ARCA – Casa legno Srl – Trentino Sviluppo, with the help of the network Enterprise Europe Network.


Wood is a great choice.

This is the running theme for the 9th Legno&Edilizia, which will take place at Verona Exhibition Centre from 19 to 22 February 2015.

At Legno&Edilizia 2015, exhibitors and visitors will find an extensive, complementary range of stands and events. Thanks to the coordination work done by the fair’s technical partner ARCA, the schedule (now available online) has been developed around the main topics in wooden construction, thus allowing members of the trade to visit the exhibition and take part in the events that best suit their individual interests and needs.

Building with wood is a great construction opportunity for the future: conventions, short seminars, practical tests, trouble shooting and expert help desks will all be on offer alongside a broad, comprehensive selection of exhibitors, allowing visitors to obtain clear, efficient information about all of the business opportunities presented by building with wood.

The specialist schedule at Legno&Edilizia enables professional figures, companies and technical staff from contractors to find out about innovative ways of building with this natural, durable material, while introducing private individuals to the benefits of a wooden home, which are not only of an economic nature but also include security, health, sustainability and comfort.