18,000 people attended Legno&Edilizia at Verona exhibition centre

A total of 18,000 people visited the 9thLegno&Edilizia, which ended today. The international exhibition on the use of wood in public and private buildings took place in Verona exhibition centre from 19 to 22 February. It spanned 11,000 m² and featured product innovations by 150 companies from 11 different countries, encompassing the entire range of goods and services in the wooden construction industry.

“It is a growing sector, despite the slump that has afflicted the building trade for years,” explained Ado Rebuli, the president of Piemmeti SpA, which has organized the biennial show ever since the first event in 2001. “This is demonstrated by the forecast that the volume of the new residential market accounted for by wooden constructions will increase from 6% in 2010 to 15% this year”.

Raul Barbieri, the CEO of Piemmeti SpA, was delighted with the positive feedback from the exhibitors and underlined that “the huge popularity of the exhibition among the public reveals the interest in the material, which offers outstanding performance in terms of energy savings, health and comfort in the home, environmental friendliness and protection from earthquakes and fires.”

Alongside the show, there were four days of conventions, workshops and seminars that were attended by both consumers and professionals from the field. They were jointly organized with Piemmeti’s technical partner ARCA – Casalegno Srl – Trentino Sviluppo. A number of bodies and associations took part in the event, including:the PEFC Italia Association, Centro Consorzi, CNR-Ivalsa (the National Research Council of Italy’s Trees and Timber Institute), the Italian Green Building Council, Holzforschung Austria,the ENAIP Structural Woodwork and Construction School from Tione,the Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Department from theUniversity of TrentoVeneto Agricoltura, Confartigianato Vicenza, ARCA – Trentino Sviluppo SpA,the Progetto Legno Veneto Association,the Abicert certification organization, theTrentino Stone and Porphyry District,Habitech Technological District in Trentino,the Lazzari Zenari Institute and the Sedico Wood School.

There were numerous refresher sessions, including the first national Public and Private Wooden Building convention, which had 430 registered participants.

A large area was set aside for 30 exhibitors from the province of Trento and Progetto Legno Veneto.

Another prominent part of the line-up was the exhibition and prize ceremony for the Tree House competition. First place went to a design by Marco Ciccone,an architecture student from Treviso. The second prize was awarded to Domenico Maiello from Trieste, who studies at the Politecnico di Milano, while in joint third place were architects Cosimo Paolini and Andrea Cocchini from Empoli (near Florence) and students Francesco Baldo from Villa Lagarina (near Trento) and Stefano Brunelli and Marco Tomelleri from Verona.

Elsewhere, there was a course on How to build a house with logs by the Lazzari Zenari Wood Institute and there were practical skills on display from the Sedico Wood School.

There were large numbers of foreign visitors at the international event, including trade delegations from Greece and Croatia.

Many foreign visitors of the international show coming from Grece, Croazia, Slovenia thanks to the international meeting “Thinkwood” organized by our Technical Partner ARCA – Casa legno Srl – Trentino Sviluppo, with the help of the network Enterprise Europe Network.