20,500 people at Legno&Edilizia (+15%) – Previews and news from the construction world

The curtain comes down in Verona

20,500 people at Legno&Edilizia (+15%)

Previews and news from the construction world

The 10th Legno&Edilizia international exhibition on the use of wood in building came to a close today. Between 9 and 12 February it attracted 20,500 visitors to Verona Exhibition Centre, which marked an increase of 15% on the previous event in 2015. In total, more than 2,400 people took part in the 5 conventions, 26 seminars, 6 workshops and 3 meetings with designers organized in conjunction with the event’s technical partner ARCA of Trento and Prof. Franco Laner of IUAV University in Venice, who is one of Italy’s leading wooden construction experts. The sessions provided an opportunity to compare the experiences of prominent figures from the teaching world such as Felice Ragazzo (adjunct professor of Industrial Design at Sapienza University in Rome) and Enzo Siviero (rector of eCampus online university).

“The display of products by 153 companies from 13 different countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Romania, Russia and Switzerland) spanned 25,000 m. and enabled members of the trade and the general public to take a close look at the most interesting developments in the global market. The top names in the industry were among the exhibitors. They were divided into the broad areas “Doors and Windows”, “Roofing and Coverings” and “Flooring” and there was also a special Wood and pellet heating initiative,” stated Raul Barbieri, the CEO of Piemmeti SpA.

“The companies present expressed their satisfaction with the contacts that they made at this edition. It offered proof of the vitality of the wooden construction industry, which is growing and saw more than 3,000 new buildings being completed in 2014,” noted Ado Rebuli, the President of Piemmeti SpA. “That makes Italy the fourth biggest producer of prefabricated wooden homes in Europe (behind Germany, Great Britain and Sweden, with an 8.4% share of the market). The residential market alone is worth €658 million. Figures such as these underline the fact that wood is proving more and more popular with Italians, who appreciate the health, comfort, safety and sustainability that it offers.”

“The large number of designers and members of the public that flocked to the exhibition – including from central and southern regions of Italy – made things look very promising for business in the coming months,” said Matteo Mores, the ARCA manager.

Among the exhibitors was the Italian structural woodwork school from the Enaip vocational college in Tione, near Trento. Its students gave practical demonstrations and officially presented a Prototype living unit for emergencies. Meanwhile, the group of experts that formed Gruppo Qualità Legno in November presented their Manifesto, and Potito Pedone (the technical director of Woodsystem International srl in Moncalieri, near Turin) revealed his innovative P-Lam connection system for wooden walls.

The tenth edition of the event also provided an opportunity to commend the exhibitors that have been present right from the start: Adveco from Brescia, Binderholz from Austria, Dietrich’s and Hans Hundegger from Germany, the Lazzeri Zennari Institute from Vicenza and Il Legno magazine.


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