Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017. 1. CONSTRUCTIONS

Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017.

All of the possible uses of wood in construction will be showcased in a new exhibition format divided into four areas: WOODEN CONSTRUCTION, ROOFING AND COVERINGS, FLOORING, AND DOORS AND WINDOWS.


Wooden construction in its most specific and defining sense will remain the distinguishing field at Legno&Edilizia. The spotlight will be on the leading producers of structures and materials for wooden homes and manufacturers of wood processing machinery, as well as all of the other players involved in designing and building environmentally friendly constructions.

As usual, Legno&Edilizia will offer a comprehensive overview of the entire wooden construction industry, from initial handling of timber (trading, imports, distribution and sawmills) to processing machinery and accessories for optimizing individual components.


Timber: imports, distribution and trading

Wooden frameworks for civil uses and public systems

Wood carpentry: beams and panels

Machines and tools for the use of wood in construction

Wood for working, semi-finished goods, formwork and frames

Prefabricated wooden homes and external structures

Safety systems

Software, certification and design firms

Fastening systems

Wooden walls