Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017. 4. DOORS AND WINDOWS

Legno&Edilizia will be four times as good from 2017.

All of the possible uses of wood in construction will be showcased in a new exhibition format divided into four areas: WOODEN CONSTRUCTION, ROOFING AND COVERINGS, FLOORING, AND DOORS AND WINDOWS.

An essential new addition at Legno&Edilizia 2017 will be a specific focus on the world of doors and windows. Doors, windows, frames, production machinery and installation accessories play a crucial role in the design and construction of buildings in both structural and aesthetic terms. By raising the profile of this field, Legno&Edilizia 2017 aims to boost the visibility not only of wooden constructions but also of all the wooden components that are used in traditional masonry buildings.


Wooden doors

Wooden windows

Components and accessories

Wooden and wooden/aluminium doors and windows


Coverings for doors and windows

Dormer windows and skylights

Frames for pocket doors