Legno&edilizia e risparmio energetico

Wood and energy efficient buildings: the construction trade of the future

Wood and energy efficient buildings represent the construction trade of the future

Legno&Edilizia: at VeronaFiere February 7 – 10, 2019

Despite the difficulties that have hit the construction sector in the last decade, there is no suffering in the building trade using wood. It is not a passing fad, but a healthy, economic and ecological answer to living.

The 11th edition of Legno&Edilizia, the International Exhibition on the use of wood in construction, scheduled from 7 to 10 February 2019 at the Verona Exhibition Center, proves it. The exhibition has always drawn the attention of professional operators and of the public to the latest news on the use of wood in construction. One edition after the other, it has highlighted the technical characteristics and durability of wood, the economic convenience and above all its sustainability and safety.

Building 4.0

The architect Franco Laner, of the IUAV University of Venice, is one of the leading experts in the use of wood in construction, and collaborates with Legno&Edilizia since its first edition. “The key expression “building 4.0″ underlines how information technology and robotics are radically changing the production scenarios, the market, the design and the construction methods in the wood construction sector” says Laner. “The increasingly frequent use of numerically controlled work environments is foreshadowing strong transformations of the wood supply chain: project, construction site, construction and architectural outcomes. In the field of planning and execution of building with wood, phase 4.0 is introducing a new mentality and new objectives, which cannot be disregarded. Delaying or postpone in this context is not an option.” concludes Laner.

An unknown interconnection demand in the building project

“The exhibitors of Legno&Edilizia are the main manufacturers of machines for numerical control of woodworking elements. Italy has always been at the forefront in this sector. Leading companies, such as CM Macchine, Essetre, Hundegger, SCM Group, Sarmax are stakeholders of the Italian market – explains Raul Barbieri, director of Piemmeti Spa, organizer of the event. “This highlights the relevance of this event in reading the new scenarios for the entire wood supply chain. The shift of paradigm illustrated by Professor Laner stimulates an unknown interconnection demand in the building project. The constructive tradition as a whole will inevitably have to evolve.”

Professional updating, seminars and round tables

“The product presentation (essences, load-bearing structures, carpentry, machines and tools, worked and semi-finished wood, prefabricated wooden houses, security systems, design and software studies, wooden walls, panels and sawmill machinery) will be closely connected to the conferences and training days” – adds Ado Rebuli, President of Piemmeti. “The last edition attracted more than 1,300 conference participants. Seminars and round tables discussed new areas of research and development, as well as professional updating. New scenarios will be proposed and the many sector leaders and stakeholders of our country will be introduced”.

A not to be missed business opportunity

Legno&Edilizia will get insiders and end users to know the great opportunities offered by wood, giving traditional builders the chance to convert to wood as an interesting business opportunity.